Teen Spirit Changes Hairstyle

Pastel colours are all over the runways and magazines so it was only a matter of time for the pastel ombre hair trend to emerge. I personally love the look but bleaching and dying your hair requires a lot of commitment, maintenance, and there’s no going back.
There is an easy way to work this look, without having to bleach or colour your tresses – hair chalking! Hair chalking is like a temporary dying solution. It’s really easy to do, you simply apply soft pastel chalk onto twisted wet hair ends, set it with a curling iron and voila you have colour.
Dark hair mavens needn’t worry, the colour shows up well on both light and dark hair. If you want to try hair chalking, it doesn’t cost much, all you need is some oil-free, soft pastels from your local art shop and it will disappear after one wash.
Rachel Loong, FAB Reporter


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